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Established in the Summer 2001

As I suspect with most layouts, trial and error proved to be the most effective way of design. Many concepts worked well on paper and went way wrong in the making. In operation it looked to phoney or the mechanics did not work. I spent most of my time effort getting the track right. For me, the landscapeing is the easy part. These areas have proven to work and so I have been taken to the ncxt step.

The Red Outpost Station

Scratchbuilt for my first layout, this little building
is about 20 years old. It is made of embossed card and
purchased plastic windows, doors and other details.

Overhead View of the Hill


This view shows the "Hill" in the center of the photo.
In the lower left, that pink area is the future site of the
Cattle Valley stockyard.


Cattle Valley and the "Hill"


This is the future site of the Cattle Valley stockyard.
One of my IHC steamers moves past the "Hill"

Cattle Valley Stockyard


I had this 1970's plastic kit stored in a box since I was a kid
and have finally found a home for it as the barn for the
stockyard. The fencing is a new kit purchased for less than $5.

Stockyard Siding


This view shows Cattle Valley stockyard pen and siding
with the back of the barn in the lower right foreground.
The main line is to the left below the rockface.
In the upper right top of the photo is cribbing in the
bayou section of the layout.

Cattle Valley Overview


In the center, a bluff seperates the stockyard siding and one main line
on the right, from the other main line heading into a tunnel.

Tunnel Portal


This is a main line track through the rock formations.
Hidden from view, this track ascends before emerging
on the cribbing near the bayou section.

Cribbing at the Bayou


After emerging from the tunnel, this cribbing elevates this main
line track to a trestle over the bayou section.

Southern 4501


A IHC Midado painted in Southern Railroad green
takes the curve at the "Hill"


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