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Established in the Summer 2001


Construction of the layout started in July of 2001. After weeks of planning, I borrowed a friend's truck and bought all the lumber and materials needed for the bench work.

Construction Day One


The construction of the benchwork began on a friday night

Construction Day Two


After a morning of railroad shopping, I got back to the construction of the benchwork. This photo shows the table top laid prior to installing the pink foam board. Sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning, with the benchwork finished, I turned in and got some much needed sleep.



Construction Day Three


In the morning I was refreshed and ready to layout the roadbed and track. I was eager to run trains, so I decided to put in place the switching area. By 3 pm sunday afternoon, the first phase of the track was laid. Getting rid of the itch to run trains right away proved to be a good idea. With that little bit of working track, I was able to settle down and move at civil pace!

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